Meetings & Events 2018

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Tuesday, 9th 9.30 am General Meeting : New Year's Brunch
Tuesday, 16th 10.00 am International Cuisine: It's Time for Lunch
Thursday, 18th 5.00 pm M3:  Members Meet Members
Thursday, 25th 10.00 am Newcomers' Welcome Coffee & Chat
Tuesday, 31st 2.45 pm Special Event: Lucas Cranach in the Landesmuseum and Kreuzkirche



Thursday, 8th 7.30 pm Annual General Meeting: IWAH Elections 2018
Monday, 12th 2.10 pm Special Event - Opera House
Tuesday, 13th 10.00 am International Cuisine: Valentine's day special
Tuesday, 18th 10.00 am M3: Members Meet Members
Tuesday, 27th 10.00 am Newcomer"s Welcome Coffee & Chat



Tuesday, 6th 9.30 am General Meeting: Korea, Land of Morning Calm
Wednesday, 7th 7.00 pm Wine & Culture
Thursday, 8th 10.00 am Internationel Cuisine: Celebrating International Women's Day
Tuesday, 13th   Special Event: Hamburg Elbphilarmonie & Deichtorhallen
Thursday, 15th 10.00 am Newcomers' Welcome Coffee & Chat
Thursday, 22nd 6.00 pm M3: Members Meet Members



Wednesday, 11th 8.15 am Special Event: Berlin - from Fashion to Politics
Thursday, 12th 7.30 pm General Meeting



Tuesday, 15th 9.30 am General Meeting



Thursday, 14th 7.30 pm General Meeting



Summer Break   no meetings



Summer Break    



Tuesday, 4th 9.30 am General Meeting



Thursday, 18th 7.30 pm General Meeting



Tuesday, 13th 9.30 am General Meeting



Thursday, 13th 7.30 pm General Meeting

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