About IWAH

What we offer...

To the community:

  • A contact point and network for international women in the Hannover area
  • Efforts to promote understanding of different cultures
  • Volunteers and charity donations
  • Charity bazaar
  • A newcomers' guide to the city, "Surviving and Thriving in Hannover"

To our members:

  • An opportunity to meet new people and learn about different cultures
  • A forum for the lively exchange of ideas and experiences
  • An opportunity to serve the community
  • A chance to learn about the German culture and life
  • A network for those facing the upheaval of a move
  • A helping hand to get oriented in the Hannover area
  • A wide range of special interest groups and activities

What we do

  • Organize monthly meetings featuring talks on topics relevant to our members and for socializing
  • Visit museums, concerts and other local attractions
  • Celebrate international holidays
  • Publish the "IWAH Monthly" - an English language publication with news about IWAH members and activities, and information about events in and around Hannover
  • Welcome newcomers in small groups at coffee mornings and evenings
IWAH Steering Committee 2018 IWAH Steering Committee 2018

Contact us

Post office box IWAH e.V. Postfach 69 04 02
30613 Hannover


info@iwah.de or simply use our contact form.

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