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Surviving and Thriving in Hannover
Members may purchase this helpful guide at our regular meetings or from the chairwoman and co-chairwoman. Chapters include both practical things (dealing with bureaucracy, social conventions, housing, kids' concerns, driving, shopping, and health care) as well as pleasant ones continuing education, dining, arts, sports, markets and fairs, and day trips in the area.


IWAH Flyer
The flyers are available from the chairwoman and co-chairwoman.


IWAH Cookbook 
The IWAH Favourite Recipes cookbook provides creative recipes in both English and German. This book can be ordered through the chairwoman or co-chairwoman.


The IWAH e.V. publishes a monthly newsletter which is sent to all members. The IWAH newsletter is in English. We now have an email address specifically for the newsletter team! Please submit your articles and photos to newsletter@iwah.de.


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