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Apart from our interest groups that run regularily we also have special events every month. Below you will find some impressions of the latest IWAH events and activities.  

IWAH Charity Bazaar Donations

In January our chairwoman handed over three cheques of 700€ each with the revenues from the IWAH Christmas bazaar and the suppplemetary IWAH donation. We thank all IWAH members who have made this possible! 

January Special Event - “Hanno(ver)wandelt“ 

A Photographic exhibition of the Historical Museum Hannover


Article by IWAH member Catherine

On Wednesday, January 22nd, a group of IWAH ladies and some partners visited the Historisches Museum in Hannover for a guided tour of the photographic exhibition “Hanno(ver)wandelt”. The 80 or so photographs on display depict the story of Hannover since the end of the Second World War. The oldest photograph, showing a group of refugees in the Ernst-August-Platz, dates from 1946 and reminds us of the massive displacement of people at the end of that war. There are a few photographs dealing with the rebuilding of Hannover which like many other German cities suffered considerable damage as a result of allied bombing raids. Rudolf Hillebrecht was the mastermind behind this enormous project and annoyed a number of local residents by his insistence on destroying well-loved buildings, notably the Flusswasserkunst, if he felt they were not worth saving or got in the way of a favourite modernising scheme. He felt that the future belonged to the automobile and this resulted in many of the wide streets in the town. (Remember the Hochstrasse at Aegi anyone?) It also led to the many traffic jams even as far back as the 1950s. 

When I first arrived in Hannover back in the 1980s, I could not understand why it was so difficult for me to get my bearings. It took me about a year before I was able to walk from Kröpke to the Marktkirche. Up till then, I had to take the underground tram. I now think this could have been as a result of Hillebrecht's ideas. To be fair, he did come round to the idea that the town and its inhabitants needed more than new roads and the mid 60s saw the expansion of the tram system. Anyway there are some other interesting photos showing for example, the first Altstadtfest in 1970 or an early Flohmarkt scene taken in 1967. There are relatively few photographs showing Hannover at the time of Expo 2000. This is a shame as the city changed dramatically after this event. In fact, this exhibition is somewhat on the small side and I for one, would have gladly seen some aspects of Hannover and the life of its people shown in more detail. I don't think I could recommend going into town for the sole purpose of going to this exhibition, but if you happen to be in the town centre and have an hour, or even less, to spare, then do go if only to get a bit of an idea of how our city came to look the way it does.

The exhibition runs until April 19th when the museum will close for repairs. You should also note that on Mondays the museum is closed and on Fridays admission is free.



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