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Apart from our interest groups that run regularily we also have special events every month. Below you will find some impressions of the latest IWAH events and activities.  

IWAH 30th Anniversary - 17th September 2022

Around 90 members and partners and guests celebrated the 30th Anniversary of IWAH with a delicious dinner at the Altes Rathaus in Hannover.


We welcomed a few of our past Chairwomen, including Ursula Kühne (2002), Metka Zimmermann (2006 and 2017), Holly Todd (2007 and 2008), Jenny Chong (2009 and 2010) and Kalpana Christmann (2013, 2014 and 2016).


The room was decorated with photos taken from the past 30 years, showcasing all the different events, groups and people who have made IWAH such a welcoming platform for new people, as well helping to provide a fulfilling life for all our members here in Hannover.


We were treated to an extraordinary performance by opera singer Josefine Göhmann, accompanied by Sarah Christ on the harp. Josefine is the daughter of one of our members, Ximena Montecinos Mac-Adoo who has been a member from the very beginning of IWAH. It was a beautiful performance by two distinguished female artists, which fit perfectly to our celebration of our organisation of women.


In between we tested our knowledge of IWAH’s history with a quiz prepared by Kalpana Christmann. The three winners were Kay Bruns, Sabine Flemming and Jenny Chong de Winkelmann. We finished the night with dancing and conversation over glasses of wine. The atmosphere was so joyous and we thank all those who came along to make the night so special. 


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