Recent and Special Events

Apart from our interest groups that run regularily we also have special events every month. Below you will find some impressions of the latest IWAH events and activities.  

International Cuisine December: Christmas Cookie Baking 


Once again our member Rosa led us through a fun morning with Christmas baking:

Annual event 2018


When the days become shorter it is always good to have something to look forward to at night. On November 3rd it was time for our yearly event which took place once again at “Theater in der List”. After everyone had arrived and socialized while enjoying a glass of champagne our chairwoman Florianne welcomed everyone and introduced a game that we were about to get involved in. Very fitting for the venue each table was asked to perform as an animal which proved to be a lot of fun for everyone. Our highly motivated members and their partners made all performances so realistic and entertaining that even the chocolate prizes ran out quicker than expected. What a great start to a wonderful evening!


Dinner was then served where everyone was able to choose from a large buffet of delicious fingerfood and desserts. Afterwards there was an interesting performance by one of the theatre actors taking us on an imaginary trip to Italy. It’s fascinating how this former ALDI market has been turned into a fully fitted theatre and only some of the typical ALDI features like the entrance, the floor and ceiling remind the visitor that this used to be a branch of the traditional discount supermarket chain. But not only can it be used for dining and watching performances which was proven when the dancefloor was opened on the stage. The DJ was able to get the crowd moving with a mix of hit songs from old to new until unfortunately there was a small technical problem which gave the dancers a little break to catch their breath. But luckily the music returned soon and the party continued.


As it can be seen from the pictures our annual event was once again a truly enjoyable evening where members had the opportunity to chat and socialize while enjoying great food and drinks. Thanks to the perfect organization of the steering committee fun was had by all.

General Meeting in November: Brazil


By Metka Z.

Photos by Rosemarie S.

Many of our members found their way on a nasty November morning to Kleefeld and our member Renata gave us a wonderful, informative talk about her home country, Brazil.


Renata gave us a short overview about by whom Brazil was discovered (Portuguese) and the historical background of her country. Photos of very different landscapes, beaches and fauna of the country were shown and explained. She talked about the hugely mixed population of Brazil: several native tribes and of course plenty of immigrants from different parts of the world hoping to build a new life in Brazil and till today keeping up their traditions (Italians, Germans, Portuguese, Africans, etc.).


We learned that in Brazil the favorite food on Sunday is pizza and it is a must to stand in a queue waiting to be seated in a restaurant.


Renata finished her talk by showing us a video about Sao Paulo and afterwards we were very lucky to have a chance to try some typical Brazilian food: cheese bread and brigadiers (chocolates).


Thank you—orbigado Renata


Some highlights from Renata’s presentation:


1. Location in the world: the largest country in South America. Brazil has borders with nearly all    south American countries. 


2. Size of Brazil—unbelievable :
8,514,877 km2                                                         

  • 2.5x larger than India     
  • 15x larger than France     
  • 23x larger than Germany   
  • 30x larger than Italy   
  • 35x larger than UK         
  • 48x larger than Uruguay  
  • 92x larger than Portugal


3. Population—approx. 213 million


4. Brazilian flag—green background with a large yellow rhombus in the center bearing the blue disk, which represents the celestial globe, depicting the starry sky of 27 small white five-pointed stars spanned by the white equatorial curved band with the nation’s motto: "ORDEM E PROGRESSO" (Order and Progress) written in green.   



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